Are Mission Trips Benefical?

Introduction One of the best experiences of my life was the mission trip the summer after my senior year. This trip was sponsored by my high school, therefore I knew the people who were going on my trip very well. As the time passed and it got closer and closer to the time we were … More Are Mission Trips Benefical?


The Writing Blues

Anne Lamott was one of the featured writers at Lenoir-Rhyne’s visiting writers series. In my English 131 class, we read Anne Lamott’s piece titled “Shitty First Drafts.” In this work, Lamott describes the process of writing first drafts. She states that not even the very talented writers write good first drafts. Lamott also states that it is  … More The Writing Blues

Are Term Papers the Best Way to Go?

In the article “Blogs vs. Term Papers” by Matt Richtel, Richtel discusses the advantages and disadvantages of blogs and term papers. Richtel states that blogs are being used by more and more teachers and professors each year. In addition, Richtel states that term papers help to better structure the students’ ideas. In his article, Richtel … More Are Term Papers the Best Way to Go?